MLS Cup 2023 Wagers

The 2019 MLS Cup is the championship of American soccer’s highest division. The game is staged annually in the stadium of the highest-seeded team or the team with the best regular-season record.


Welcome to your full guide to betting on the 2019 MLS Cup! This guide will give you with the most up-to-date odds as well as suggestions and information to consider while betting on the MLS championship.

MLS Cup Gambling Advice


MLS play — and betting — culminates in the MLS Cup, distinguishing it from European Leagues like the English Premier League that emphasize the regular season.


Due to the structure of the playoffs, the MLS Cup may not always be contested by the two greatest teams, as the two best teams may be in the same conference. Hence, wagering on the championship match may be rather straightforward.


Often, the regular-season champion does not also win the MLS Cup. Only seven times since the inaugural MLS Cup in 1996 has the regular season champion won the MLS Cup. This occurs more frequently in American sports leagues with longer seasons, such as the NHL.


Thus, you should wager on a team towards the top of the league. Past MLS Cup champions have typically been among the top three clubs in their conference, with the 2016 Seattle Sounders being the only non-top-3 team to win since 2015.

Goal Scorer


Big-time matches necessitate big-time players, and each final’s star players nearly always make an impression. In 2018, Josef Martinez represented Atlanta United. 2017 was Jozy Altidore’s year for Toronto FC. In 2015, Diego Valeri represented the Portland Timbers.


In the MLS Cup, it is common to wager on the star players of the favorite side to accomplish anything. In contrast to the European Leagues, where any player can score, the MLS approach favors star players and strikers, allowing them to shine in the biggest games.


Don’t Be Concerned With History

MLS is quite fluid. It is expected, as it is managed by Americans. The league’s worst team is not relegated to USL, but instead receives the best player available in the MLS SuperDraft. It typically isn’t enough to shift a team’s fortunes, as some teams experience extended runs of futility.


Nonetheless, the best clubs in the league frequently fluctuate. LA Galaxy is the only team that has been constantly at the top, however it has been since 2014 since they last won the MLS Cup. Since 2013, there has been a different champion each year, despite repeated appearances in the final.


Favor the Preferred

Rarely is the winner of the MLS Cup unexpected. Since 2010, the majority of subsequent champions were favored to win. Selecting the favorite to win the championship is typically a good wager at the finest football betting sites.


Bet in Overtime

Yet, it is normal for the MLS Cup to require extra time. Since 2010, 4/9 MLS Championships have gone to extra time, compared to 9/14 since 2000. Nine in nineteen years? You have just under a 50/50 chance of a regular time draw, and the odds are always favorable. So that you have a better understanding of how the game is progressing, it may be advantageous to place your wager with a leading in-play betting service.

MLS Cup Playoffs Odds


The MLS Cup Playoffs have a greater degree of unpredictability than the MLS Cup Final. It is not unusual for a No. 4 or No. 5 seed to advance to the conference final or even the MLS Cup championship game.


The 2019 MLS Cup Playoffs, on the other hand, will feature single-game elimination throughout the whole campaign. In previous competitions, the conference semifinals and conference finals consisted of two-legged matches. The new format will unquestionably alter the future dynamic of the playoffs.


The only consistent aspect of the MLS playoffs is that the home team typically performs well. The first round is rather unpredictable, but the conference semifinals and championships are typically won by the host team.


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